Hand Eczema Treatment


At best, eczema is inconvenient- and at worst it is incredibly painful. Itchy skin combined with dryness and cracking makes it hard to do anything. Hand eczema is incredibly challenging, as we used our hands throughout the day aggravating the skin.

When your hands are used for washing, cleaning, eating, preparing food, carrying things, caring for others etc… the list really goes on; So we can see it is really is no wonder that many people struggle with hand eczema or hand dermatitis.

What Causes Hand Eczema, or Hand Dermatitis

Multiple factors can cause eczema of the hands. Genetics, stress, and environmental conditions are usually involved. Specific to your case, it is often byproduct of an overactive immune system as result of touching irritants or using heavy soaps. Both can strip your skin of moisture resulting in dry and flaky skin.

Eczema can be found in any area of the body. This is why it most often appears in concentrated patches on areas of the skin that come into contact with an irritant. Eczema usually affects the hands a lot, since you use them for everything.

Hand Sanitizers & Hand Eczema or Hand Dermatitis

Anyone with sensitive skin, or especially hand eczema or hand dermatitis knows the agonizing pain of applying hand sanitizer on sore eczema / dermatitis affected hands. It not only burns, but the alcohol also which disinfects the skin, strips away any moisture, drying hands out even more. Which is not desirable for a hand eczema sufferer.

Finding A Hand Eczema Treatment

You really want to find a treatment that provides relief from the symptoms quickly; but you also want the eczema treatment to be gentle as our hands touch our mouth, eyes, other people. When finding a hand eczema treatment or hand dermatitis treatment you want to:

  • Skin is gently cleansed from dirt and impurities (but it doesn’t burn the skin)
  • Ensure red, sore, inflamed sores are healed
  • Dry flaking skin is replenished
  • Skin is left feeling deeply hydrated, soft & nourished

My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit provides a convenient 3 Step Process to cleanse hand eczema, calm hand eczema flare ups, and deeply nourish skin. As an everyday product it has a deeply nourishing organic cream Skin Relief Level 1 – Soothe & Hydrate Cream which is the perfect eczema hand cream for hand dermatitis & hand eczema treatment

You can use eczema creams on healthy skin too, in between bouts of eczema breaks. All-day coverage can keep symptoms at bay.

Hand eczema creams are a fantastic alternative to more aggressive treatment options. They have very few side effects, which is why they are so popular.

Human skin requires healthy nourishment and hydration. Our all-natural creams provide that for people with eczema.

My Mia’s eczema creams are a great product because they nourishes skin while also protecting against the effects of eczema. The cream provides a natural blend of organic oils and safe, moisturizing ingredients which work to protect against the inflammation that makeup of eczema.

A Summary of Hand Eczema Treatment Options.

Eczema can make it hard to type, touch things or peel your oranges. Eczema affects the skin on your hands and wrists, so you must treat it with the same sensitivity that you would a sunburn.

It is possible for a person with eczema to find long-term relief from symptoms, such as by using emollients, but there are no methods in which a person could completely rid themselves of the skin condition.

My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit, our topical products for eczema, has many satisfied customers who attest to its nourishing properties.


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