Criteria affecting the choice of chandelier:

– type of room
– dimensions of the room
– articulation of the room
– height of the ceiling
– furnishings and equipment of the interior
– intensity of light required by user
– weight of crystal chandelier
– degree of maintenance required

Type of room
A crystal chandelier can be placed anywhere. The most popular place to hang a crystal chandelier is definitely the living room, followed by the bedroom, hall and dining room. We have also encountered a crystal chandelier in a bathroom, however, it was a huge room with a perfect system of ventilation to take away humidity, which can influence the lifetime and functionality of the chandelier as well as the health of the user. Our chandeliers are shipped with IP code 20 (effective against insertion of fingers or similar objects but not insulated against any harmful ingress of water). A customer / user is fully liable for installing a chandelier in an environment contrary to the design parameters thereof, as well as for any damage to the chandelier caused by placing it in such an environment.

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